Miller Lumber Co., Inc.


Celebrating Quality and Service Since 1956

Wood Divider Line

Miller Lumber has been in the retail building material business since 1956 at the same location, Second Street and Seminary Avenue, in Augusta, Kentucky. Jack Miller purchased the company from Frank Moneyhon, who had inherited the business from his father G. W. Moneyhon, the original saw mill operator since 1864. Over the last 60+ years, ownership has transferred twice, from Jack to his widow, Ann Ward Miller, and then to their son, William E. "Skip" Miller.

Skip and Caroline Miller have had the great pleasure of their children being employed in the business throughout high school and college. Currently, Skip Miller is the President and Owner of Miller Lumber while Craig Miller serves as its General Manager. Miller Lumber also cherishes the many hard-working employees who have been a part of the company’s success over the many years and genuinely thanks all of those who have helped us to this point. 

Over the past few years, the Miller Lumber family has grown to include some 4th generation workers. Craig and Amy Miller are parents of Grayson, Griffin, and Sophie Miller, Carin McFarland parent of Derek and Logan McFarland, James and Jennifer Harris are parents of Julianna and Jimmy Harris, and Scott and Ashlee Miller are parents of Natalee, Claire, and McClain Miller. With the inclusion of the newest crop of young employees, the future continues to look bright for Miller Lumber!